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Light Steel Framing
Light steel framing
Using light gauge steel ACFS builds steel structures for the construction industry.
We offer expertise in design, manufacture and on-site installation.
ACFS is a major light steel framing manufacturer and provides expertise in component design and onsite installation to the construction industry.
Standard section sizes
Light gauge galvanised steel sections of100 or 150 mm depth in 1.0, 1.2 and 1.6 mm thick steel are used depending on the application. Sections are manufactured to precise lengths and end punches are cut for a screwed connection. Holes are provided for ‘self-jigging’ of the frame for dimensional accuracy.
Prefabricated components
Components include floor cassettes, porches, balconies, toilet cubicles and various architectural details.
Design team
Our in-house engineers and design team can produce detailed design to realise your bespoke construction project.
Our building construction designs meet, and often exceed, current and proposed Building Regulations.
Advantages of off-site Light Steel Framing
Light gauge steel framing enables a high proportion of the construction process to be carried out away from site. Combined with the inherent galvanised light steel properties, it offers many advantages to the builder:
Manufactured light steel construction is about 30% of the weight of conventional masonry construction
  • Faster speed of construction (up to 50% faster than masonry)
  • Increased site productivity
  • Predictability of process
  • Safer construction process
  • Increased quality and reliability
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Overall construction periods can be reduced by up to 30%
  • Repetition of prefabricated elements leads to considerable economy of scale in production.
ACFS Light Steel Framing explained
Blueprints XML conversion Quality inspection Colour coded steel frames Steel section on site
Architects drawings are converted into three dimensional models. Files are exported to the machine via XML and interpreted by the roll-former to produce steel sections. Frames are inspected for quality. Panels are then produced and assembled in the factory. Frames are bundled and colour coded for efficiency and ease of on-site construction. ACFS sections and bundles are delivered and installed on site.
Steel roofing detail
Components for this architectural
detail, installed along the roof
perimeter, were built off-site.
Prefeabricated steel panels
Prefabricated panels are easily
assembled on site which can reduce
on-site construction periods by up 30%.
Lightweight steel construction
Built over a supermarket and entertainment complex this
construction had to be lightweight
and fast to construct.