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Stud and Track
Stud & Track Load Tables
Stud and Track sections
ACFS offers a stud and track system manufactured from cold-formed galvanised
light steel members for use in infill and continuous external wall framing.
The ACFS infill wall system is designed to be suitable with a wide range of external façade options including traditional brickwork (ground supported), brick slips, insulated render and rain-screen systems.
Architectural features such as doors, windows and solar shading can easily be accommodated.
Sizes and Dimensions
Section depth: 70 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300mm
Flange width: 50 mm – 80 mm
Lip sizes: 10 mm – 20 mm depending on section
Thickness: 1 mm up to 4 mm

Custom sizes, lengths and coatings are available.

Infill – ACFS utilises studs located in head and base tracks that span vertically within the main frame of the building.
Continuous – Advanced continuous wall systems utilise studs spanning vertically between brackets fixed to the steel edge beam or slab edge located outside of the main frame of the building.
Small Structures – The advanced small structures system utilises site-assembled stud and track wall frames. It is also ideal for extensions to existing buildings or small free-standing structures where a 2D panellised solution is not suitable.
A fast track service
Architect's plans Roll-former Stud and track delivery
Architects drawings are converted into 3D model. Files are exported to the machine via XML and installed into the roll-former. High speed delivery of stud and track components.
Brick clad stud and track
Window opening in stud and track
Installed 150mm stud and track with
a 10m wide window.
Stud and track at 600mm centres
Installed 150mm stud and track at
600mm centres.
150mm stud and track
Installed 150mm stud and track with
cement particle board externally.